Rainbow Classroom

Honoring personhood

Rainbow Classroom

We are advocates of full self-expression, action-oriented activities and direct, but tender communication. We honor the personhood of each child and this makes for a free, vibrant, respectful atmosphere, because our students feel seen, heard and valued. We are dedicated to the nourishment and preservation of who our students authentically are in their soul.

Lighting the fire within

Our students are on the go, absorbing every detail and nuance encountered, so we teach them imaginative dreaming and brainstorm games. We dance, play sports and challenge them to step into teacher/ leadership roles with their peers. This type of fun with a purpose, keeps their learning fire lit. We have noticed that these skills help them to become versatile problem-solvers, articulate communicators, flexible, quick thinkers, adaptable to the ever-changing situations of life.

Confidence through commitment

Our students feel confident in our commitment to them and it is demonstrated in the close relationship they share with us. Their trust is evident in their willingness to take new risks. We stretch them to their fullness. Rainbow room is known for confronting and neutralizing limits and fears. Every child has a purpose. Their lives have a place, a great unfolding and we will continue to nurture their spirit.