Parent Participation

Parent Participation

We believe a well-balanced child receives equal support from home and school. Parent Participation is mandatory for a child to receive beneficial experiences and exposure. It is in the parent’s best interest to use a teaching style and discipline consistent and similar to that of Garden of Angels School. We ask that Parents be in regular, positive communication with our faculty. If we work closely together to develop the best possible strategies for each child, the benefits and progress will be paramount.

Our Parent Partnership

SERVICE: (action of helping or doing work for a system and supplying a need)

“It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”
–Helen Walton

We believe that parent support and involvement are vital building blocks to each student’s character and a passionate, active school environment. As valuable participants, we request that all parents/guardians share their time, talents, and expertise. We feel a need to integrate quality into the identity of our students by modeling great service to them and to one another. We believe in a culture of honor, love and joy. We have observed that children recognize, admire and remember all of the contributions their family makes to their educational community. NO matter the age, children take pride in their parents’ giving. It is a great way for families to mirror a generous spirit for their child. It is proven to inspire confidence, selflessness, self-worth, awareness of community, teamwork and gratitude. It also teaches children about their own personal gifts and the importance of sharing them with others. We promote volunteering as an opportunity we GET to participate in rather than HAVE to participate in. You can assist us in growing each child’s sense of abundance, rather than a poverty mentality by choosing to demonstrate your contributions with delight. This is a very powerful attitude to expose children to at an early age and it will influence their relationship towards healthy generosity when they are adults.

Volunteer Hours

PARTNERSHIP: (relationship involving close cooperation, having specified joint rights and responsibilities)

Every parent/guardian will be given a copy of their personal rights and parental rights within this school facility and an agreement that these rights will at no time be violated or refused. A copy of these personal and parental rights will be located in the school office and easily accessible. Each parent/guardian will be required to sign and date the notice form to acknowledge receipt of this notice.

At Garden of Angles School, we believe in our union and partnership. Relationships and connections serve our perception of a healthy community. We choose our community to be the center of this intentional connection, as both home and school share an irreplaceable link, the children! They are your origin and our cause and we are jointly liable. We aspire to demonstrate evidence of a strong partnership for students, so that their natural inclination is to choose to do the same. It is our hope that we can align in unity to help shape whole, complete young people with a capacity to shift thinking and cultures by advancing interests and enhancing the success of another through divine leadership.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet, is fighting some kind of battle. We believe it is important for the school and the parents to reflect a non-violent style of communication that supports our approach to conflict resolution and our needs-based language philosophy. We are willing to participate in fair, reasonable, and honorable adult conversations at any time. We will create a peaceful environment where all members of this community feel valued and important. Our school is committed to an atmosphere where people are given an opportunity to share and be heard respectfully. We will respond to questions and observations. We will not engage in reactive or hostile conversations. In giving children an opportunity to practice brave communication, we too as educators and parents must be discerning examples and maturely manage ourselves and cultivate that which is excellent. This gives children the means to anticipate and understand the diverse needs of others while encouraging them to adopt and approach every individual’s learning preference and style of communication, with insight. Though we are reluctant to speak into these types of punitive policies, the school may terminate the enrollment of any student, if a parent/guardian of that student becomes verbally or physically abusive toward a student, parent or faculty member of Garden of Angels School.