Performance is a rich and intrinsic part of the Garden of Angels Curriculum. Students present two productions each year in December and June. They are a magical burst of expression that individually moves across the stage and into the hearts of all of the audience members. Students have a thorough introduction to theater, dance, music, gymnastics, improvisation, articulation and presentation. Students are able to execute their pieces with skill and grand imagination. We incorporate student-generated choreography as well.

The Performing Arts as a Choice

Though some students may choose the performing arts as a life choice, performance is not intended to produce professionals. Performance is fashioned so that even our youngest students can be in front of an audience without inhibition. The number one fear of all people is speaking or being expressed before a collective audience. Many inventive ideas remain hidden in the minds of brilliant people who are afraid to speak and share with expert communities who could assist and promote progress. Their ingenuity is lost and that is a tragedy. We, as a society, do not realize the great minds and philanthropic hearts that walk among us, for fear has kept them from expressing themselves and the genius is lost forever. Our students literally grow up in this practice forum, so being before an audience does not seem unnatural. Students may experience fear, but exposure and courage inspires them to move past that potential roadblock and take a risk.

An Ability to Fully Self-Express

The results of performance are young people who have developed the ability to interact with an audience and deliver a message articulately with full self-expression and without overwhelming fear. This theory gives them the support they need to cultivate the desire and confidence to be who they are with groups of people, authentically. Do you realize how powerful this is as children grow and go out into the world? Their spirit will not permit others to interfere with their dreams, what they stand for and who they are. Students’ ideas and beliefs will be heard; their possibilities will be seen. This is exhillarating!

Our students will step from the shadows

Our students will step from the shadows into the light, where their contribution and leadership will make a shared difference. During the performance months of December and June, rehearsals become much more intensive and students grow inside of these creative disciplines. The curriculum schedule for those two months will lean more toward mastering their individual and group pieces. Performance is a radiant result of all of the inter-related, theme-centered and academic subjects. Performance completes the circle of “whole” education.