Garden Curriculum

CURRICULUM: a source of study, the whole body of courses offered in an educational institution

A Passionate Learning Environment

Our Garden Curriculum approach creates a passionate learning environment designed by faculty and we welcome student-generated ideas. Our curriculum is hands on, challenging and relative to the students’ life. Our approach is web-based and thematic. Each subject has a specific direction. The curriculum is presented by showing how multiple subjects interrelate, hence mirroring life. Our learning climate is engaging and promotes an ardent and compelling quest for knowledge.

Our Atmosphere Quickens Curiosity

Our atmosphere quickens curiosity and a deeper, fuller desire for more. Our curriculum is conceptually rich and connects students with insight, observation and application. A student who loves to learn is much more disciplined towards mastering skills later in life. Garden students love to learn.

Learning Centers

Our curriculum includes learning centers, which are classroom areas, settings and materials that allow students to explore and reinforce and extend their understanding. These centers are designed for specific areas of development and they allow our students to work alone, with a friend or in small groups, utilizing a variety of learning styles and hands- on materials. We also utilize these centers to direct activities and group learning. Our theme- based curriculum centers focus in on areas of reading readiness, math, science, history, geography, foreign language, writing, speech, nutrition, critical thinking, safety, small and large motor skills, art, dance, drama, music, sensory development, social, physical and emotional development, personal responsibility, community service. Coupled with more structured lesson plans, we have observed that these designated learning centers promote imagination, invention, independent problem- solving and a culture of honor.

Our Physical Classroom

Our physical classrooms do not dictate where learning must occur. We stretch beyond the four walls of the classroom, the building and the playground. We stretch into our community and out into the world. We have created mobile classrooms that allow students the opportunity to experience education anywhere, so that it becomes natural for learning to be available everywhere!

A Dialogue of the World

The Garden Curriculum brings a dialogue of the world to the classroom, thusly students, in a revolutionary way, discover the Renaissance thinkers, those who invented, designed, wrote, sang, danced, painted, fought and dreamed. These types of discussions and debates are a purposeful way of being in relationship to others. We open up this type of varied dialogue so as our students travel along life’s path, the happy accidental meeting that could turn into an amazing opportunity is open to them. These conversations ignite imagination and insight, and give students the ability to recognize opportunities and seize them.